GraphExpert Professional 1.4.0 released

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GraphExpert Professional 1.4.0 released

Post by dhyams » Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:34 pm

For GraphExpert Professional, you now have the ability to conduct a nonlinear regression as one of the analysis options. You define the formula with some tunable parameters, and GraphExpert Pro does the rest, optimizing the parameters to fit the data. Also, Lowess smoothing capability has been added. Along with these two main additions, we also have added the ability to have legends in the plot automatically sync to the names of the datasets in the components pane. This option is enabled by default, and saves a lot of time when managing your datasets that have already been plotted.

The full changelog for GraphExpert Professional is as follows:
  • NEW: added capability to perform nonlinear regressions; the user defines the formula, and GraphExpert Pro optimizes the parameters to fit the data.
  • NEW: added Lowess smoothing capability
  • NEW: added support for syncing the legend labels to component names. A new application preference has been added for this.
  • NEW: added ability to move components up and down via menu choices. Also added shortcut key documentation to right click context menu.
  • NEW: added support for weighting polynomial regressions
  • NEW: polynomial regressions and linear regressions now have appropriate statistics shown in the tooltip (standard error, correlation coefficient, etc).
Thanks for your continued support of the software, and remember that these upgrades are free to existing customers!
Daniel G. Hyams
Hyams Development

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Re: GraphExpert Professional 1.4.0 released

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