Curve Fitting

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Curve Fitting

Post by cecilia » Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:59 am

I'm an Italian student and I'm working on Curve Expert because of my thesis on Learning and Forgetting Curve in Management Engineering.
I have a few questions about Curve fitting.
I need to find the best Curve that fits my dataset based on number of units produced(x axis) and assembly times required for each unit( y axis) in order to find the rate of improvement of the worker who performed that task.
First of all I would like to find the parameters "a" and "b" for example when I have a Power Curve my "b" parameter should be -1<b<0. Is it possible to establish a constraint like that?
Secondly when i fit the curve it appears a curve's graph with some details; for example the "S" value on the top-right side what's stand for? and the r value?
Waiting for an answer
Thank you so much

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